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It is directed to beginners, to those who want to have an unique experience of enjoying the sensation of being on a board and also to those who want to give the first steps on surfing and evolve to a more advanced stage.

Level 1

The training will focus on simulations to teach the surfers how to be in the ocean and on the acquisition of notions of right positioning on the board, how to paddle, how to win balance on the board and about take-off.

Level 2

At this level, the surfer has total knowledge of how to be in the ocean. The surfer can position himself on the board to catch a wave, take-off and standing on the board and also has a sense of balance and permanence on the board.

Level 3

At the advanced level of RG Surf School, the surfer has already total balance when on the board, can perfectly do the side take-off, doing even the first drops, feeling the true feeling of cutting the wave.


RG Surf Academy will be composed by a group of young people who develops a advanced level or a high performance specific training towards competition, to obtain a level of “high performance” on surfing.

  • Elite Project Group

    In the “Elite Project Group” there will be a restrict group of 4-6 surfers from the age of 13 years old until the surfer no longer feels the need of continuing with accompaniment.


RG Surf School & Academy

Cascais, Portugal
(+351) 914 990 271

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